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                             RFC INDEX

(CREATED ON: 11/29/2020.)

This file contains citations for all RFCs in numeric order.

RFC citations appear in this format:

  ####  Title of RFC.  Author 1, Author 2, Author 3.  Issue date.
        (Format: ASCII) (Obsoletes xxx) (Obsoleted by xxx) (Updates xxx)
        (Updated by xxx) (Also FYI ####) (Status: ssssss) (DOI: ddd)


  ####  Not Issued.

For example:

  1129 Internet Time Synchronization: The Network Time Protocol. D.L.
       Mills. October 1989. (Format: TXT, PS, PDF, HTML) (Also RFC1119) 
       (Status: INFORMATIONAL) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC1129) 

Key to citations:

#### is the RFC number.

Following the RFC number are the title, the author(s), and the
publication date of the RFC.  Each of these is terminated by a period.

Following the number are the title (terminated with a period), the
author, or list of authors (terminated with a period), and the date
(terminated with a period).

The format follows in parentheses. One or more of the following formats 
are listed:  text (TXT), PostScript (PS), Portable Document Format 

Obsoletes xxxx refers to other RFCs that this one replaces;
Obsoleted by xxxx refers to RFCs that have replaced this one.
Updates xxxx refers to other RFCs that this one merely updates but
does not replace); Updated by xxxx refers to RFCs that have updated
(but not replaced) this one.  Generally, only immediately succeeding
and/or preceding RFCs are indicated, not the entire history of each
related earlier or later RFC in a related series.

The (Also FYI ##) or (Also STD ##) or (Also BCP ##) phrase gives the
equivalent FYI, STD, or BCP number if the RFC is also in those
document sub-series.  The Status field gives the document's
current status (see RFC 2026).  The (DOI ddd) field gives the
Digital Object Identifier.

RFCs may be obtained in a number of ways, using HTTP, FTP, or email.
See the RFC Editor Web page http://www.rfc-editor.org


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